A Vitalistic Vision of Life, Consciousness and Health

Life, on a molecular level, is a ride on a superhighway.  Every point your potential occupies as you travel forward on your journey is a shifting image, changing from what was, to what is and crystallizing what is into what’s about to be.  Aren’t you ready to take control of this process in your life rather than being a passive spectator?

Your life and life on the cellular level are one in the same.  It is not a static sculpture but a fluid mosaic, three-dimensional tapestry hanging in the gallery of space-time.  We manifest in our lives that which is going on in our cells.  This is the core of health and wellness.

More than exchanges in a vacuum, our interactions are derived of energetic transfers that are subject to the same laws that apply to chemistry and physics.  This is because of ΔG, the universal energy tax known as Gibbs Free Energy (ΔG). Our interactions are subject to this universal energetic tax, meaning we contribute to the collective consciousness with every interaction.  So what are you putting out there? Does it align with your values and who you want to be and what you want to contribute? Or is there room for change? Of course there is! Learn to see this as an opportunity rather than a hindrance or deficit and once you orient differently, true and lasting change can take place.  How?

The ability to change or mutate is what introduces the potential for illness but also for healing and personal evolution.  The intention behind your actions leaks into the universe and collective as the ΔG. So here is the nexus of cellular health and whole person wellness and empowerment.

The chemistry inside and between our cells is important in this as the function or dysfunction are amplified through the waters in our tissues as the net vibration of your whole being. This is the stuff of your personality and personal boundaries that becomes projected out into the world and manifest in the greater universe.

True healers understand the makeup of the pathways in our systems.  Understanding what went wrong on a cellular level can allow the tracing back to the origin of the social/mental/emotional/spiritual or physiological imbalance and uncover the point of overlap.  When we trace the imbalance back to its cellular root, we can realize our true potential for healing and pinpoint the specific needs for correcting the problem.

Flowing backward and upstream from an imbalance will reveal to you your first obstacle to healing.   This holds true for all imbalances.  If you can identify the imbalanced pathway and can locate any obstructions there and remove them, your life as a greater function your cellular actions, will self-correct.

So I ask you this: what would be different if you got out of your own way?  What are you afraid of and what exactly does this fear have to do with where you are now?  Where do you envision yourself being if (as my mother always says) you knew you couldn’t fail?

As the infinite lens of what you could be sharpens down to the point of what and where you actually are now, pay attention to what comes up for you.  Also, pay attention to the aches and pains since there are messages from your cells to your heart and brain and gut in your symptoms.  Symptoms are the language of the aching soul, manifest in the physical body.  Pay attention so that you can pass through and go beyond the gates of healing and enter the plain of your unique wellness.  As Rob Brezny says, the universe is conspiring to help you, and to that I add, so is your body and so am I!

Dr. Blake Ashley Kovner ND, is a graduate of Salem College’s Fleer Program where she earned her B.S. in biology with a minor in chemistry with an emphasis in the crossroads of the two, biochemistry. She went to Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington where she was trained as a Primary Care Provider in Naturopathic Medicine. During her education, Dr. Kovner underwent specialized and extensive Naturopathic training in Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune disease management approaches. She also became a licensed massage practitioner at the same time. Her practice is comprised of roots-based, constitutional medicine that stems from Western Medical Herbalism, German Biologic Medicine and Ayurveda. As a Medical Herbalist, Dr. Kovner employs the art and science of individualized formulation where she makes botanical medicine for her patients, teaches them about the plants and how to grow them. While she is a specialist in nutraceuticals, Dr. Kovner believes strongly in the Hippocratic principle, “Let thy food be thy medicine.” With this in mind, she teaches her patients about the gut-brain axis, empowering them from the inside out. In a similar light, she excels in drug-free pain management for almost any chronic condition utilizing functional medicine and biofeedback. She worked in New Orleans at LSU as a research associate on an NIH-funded clinical trial on the safety and neuroprotective effects of a green tea extract on people with Multiple Sclerosis. There, she co-authored two peer-reviewed articles on MS that were published in scientific journals. The first is entitled, “Cognitive Impairment in multiple sclerosis” and the second one, “Polyphenon E, Non-futile at Neuroprotection in Multiple Sclerosis but Unpredictably Hepatotoxic: Phase I Single Group and Phase II Randomized Placebo-Controlled Studies”. She also participated in building an MRI database to see if brain atrophy is directly related to disease progression as measured by EDSS score and was trained as a Wheelchair Hatha Yoga Teacher and a Rasayana Yoga Teacher. Prior to practicing medicine, Dr. Kovner was a poet on the local SLAM poetry team and is the artist who created the iconic Trade Street figure called, Sax Man and had two gallery openings at AFAS's former UnLeashed Gallery.

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