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LOVE NOW: dare to be ahead of the curve

Ever have a unique thought that you feel the impetus to act on and know that it’s now or never?  Welcome to my whole life.  At least since my 20s.  If I don’t take the moment in which I’m inspired to act, the moment passes and maybe that impulse will never see the light of day or to my chagrin, someone else will stumble upon the same inspiring thought and make a career out of it. Why do I share this tonight?  To inspire you not to make the same mistake I make SO often of letting inspiration wash over me and not act.

What the world needs now is YOU not to hesitate. The antithesis to the current health and political state of fear and mistrust is UNDERSTANDING, INTUITION, INSPIRATION, CREATIVITY and LOVE.

Need to question authority? OK! No harm in seeking information. Got something to say? OK! No harm in voicing your opinion! Just know the difference between opinion and FACTS.  Want to figure something out?? Use the scientific method and endeavor to answer quench your curiosity.

1. Make an observation (because you’re brilliant!)

2. Ask a question (because you’re brave)

3. Form a hypothesis (a testable question/explanation)

4. Make a prediction based on the hypothesis (dare to be wrong or right!)

5. Test the prediction (see for yourself!!)

6. SHARE IT WITH US! (use the results to make new hypotheses or predictions)

YOU have what it takes to make serious waves of change in your community.  Even simple acts of kindness can echo profoundly and there are so many corners of our neighborhoods that really need it right now.  Don’t be afraid and don’t hold back.

Got a great idea that you’d love to bounce off someone before you feel confident to share with the world? I got you! Email me (subject SEE ME).  Let’s take a stand and stop living in fear… I mean, wear a mask and stay away from crowds for now BUT that doesn’t mean you’re living in fear!! It means you’re willing to do whatever it takes to survive so you can put your brilliant self out there. This Covid thing will be over before we know it (my guess is in 3 years from now we’ll be sailing along, barely remembering the commercial jingle of the suddenly familiar, “stay at home” PSA.

HANG IN THERE, FRIENDS! It will be ok in the end and if it’t not ok, it’s not the end (that’s what my mama always says and I heed this advice now more than ever).  Be brave and use your mind to escape the at-home isolation.

This is a great time, even a blessing some could argue, to search deep within yourself and ask the question, “HOW DO YOU WANT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE?”  What can you do right now to make changes that take you toward this goal?

This is a protracted moment in history for self-reflection, self-kindness, self-awareness and self-care.  We can shape the future with how we use this moment to change ourselves and it is really our duty as living, thinking, loving beings of the 21st century.

This is the moment in human history for radical, unencumbered love.

Start with yourself. Then your family.  Love your neighbor, even if they’re miserable self-loathing fools. Love Americans for their beautiful hues and ambitions. WE ALL DESERVE TO BE HERE, jogging, painting, learning and making our way.

You know, people can’t see above and beyond their own intellectual ceilings so rather than judge and hate them for their ignorance, focus on your own personal development and LEAD BY EXAMPLE.  This is the time that your actions (an inaction) will have its greatest effect on the world around you.


And frankly, I think it’s about time we all stood our ground with understanding and love. If not now, when? What are the gifts you’ve been wanting to share with us? What lessons have you learned that we can all benefit from? TEACH ME! What are the questions you’ve been wanting answered? ASK ME! How would your life be different if you felt seen and heard? TELL ME! What would you do if you actually believed in universal acceptance and love? SHOW ME!

I see you. I hear you. I have room in my heart to love you! I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! Don’t you want to succeed? So what’s in your way? How can I help?

Let’s not miss this unique moment in our lives and human history to make real, lasting change on our one planet Earth. Start with you and be the best version of yourself so you can show up in life how you want and inspire the rest of us to do the same.  If we could all be brave enough to just show up with love, what would your life look like? ~

Dr. Blake Ashley Kovner ND, is a graduate of Salem College’s Fleer Program where she earned her B.S. in biology with a minor in chemistry with an emphasis in the crossroads of the two, biochemistry. She went to Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington where she was trained as a Primary Care Provider in Naturopathic Medicine. During her education, Dr. Kovner underwent specialized and extensive Naturopathic training in Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune disease management approaches. She also became a licensed massage practitioner at the same time. Her practice is comprised of roots-based, constitutional medicine that stems from Western Medical Herbalism, German Biologic Medicine and Ayurveda. As a Medical Herbalist, Dr. Kovner employs the art and science of individualized formulation where she makes botanical medicine for her patients, teaches them about the plants and how to grow them. While she is a specialist in nutraceuticals, Dr. Kovner believes strongly in the Hippocratic principle, “Let thy food be thy medicine.” With this in mind, she teaches her patients about the gut-brain axis, empowering them from the inside out. In a similar light, she excels in drug-free pain management for almost any chronic condition utilizing functional medicine and biofeedback. She worked in New Orleans at LSU as a research associate on an NIH-funded clinical trial on the safety and neuroprotective effects of a green tea extract on people with Multiple Sclerosis. There, she co-authored two peer-reviewed articles on MS that were published in scientific journals. The first is entitled, “Cognitive Impairment in multiple sclerosis” and the second one, “Polyphenon E, Non-futile at Neuroprotection in Multiple Sclerosis but Unpredictably Hepatotoxic: Phase I Single Group and Phase II Randomized Placebo-Controlled Studies”. She also participated in building an MRI database to see if brain atrophy is directly related to disease progression as measured by EDSS score and was trained as a Wheelchair Hatha Yoga Teacher and a Rasayana Yoga Teacher. Prior to practicing medicine, Dr. Kovner was a poet on the local SLAM poetry team and is the artist who created the iconic Trade Street figure called, Sax Man and had two gallery openings at AFAS's former UnLeashed Gallery.

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