Dr. Kovner has been working with me for a year to get my health back on track. She is empathic and listens to my concerns, more appealing is the fact that she explains all the processes in great detail, how each formula assists in healing and also gives me a voice and choice in the treatment.

She has a fine manner and makes telemedicine a breeze. It’s been very convenient consulting on the phone, and I don’t find it any different than meeting her in person. I’m receiving attentive care and it has taken the stress out of commuting from a different city, and especially in these unprecedented times her consultation and support have been a stress buster.  I hope more people have a chance to interact with her and participate in holistic healing. Sonya Cheema


Of all the practitioners that cross my path there is only one (1)  Dr. Blake. She is a precious human being. She sees the need to take you under her wings, and gently nurture you back like a loving mother. Her compassion is beyond anything you can ask. No price can be place on her work. Phenomenal knowledgeable and kind… keep it up … great work – SD


I went to Dr Blake with issues concerning my bowels. Not able to go to the bathroom. She was very helpful in suggesting many ways to get me regulated and provided me some holistic ways of getting things to move. She has a great bedside manner. Just a loving person who wants to help you have a more healthy, productive life. – Barbara


One of the absolute best doctors my family has ever had the pleasure of knowing! She truly listens to your concerns and approaches your healthcare in such a wholistic and integrative manner that you may be surprised at the connections between your daily lifestyle, mental health, and physical wellbeing. This lady has lots of love and knowledge and care to give, so don’t pass up the opportunity to meet with her even once! You certainly won’t experience the like within traditional western medicine, and she is truly an integrative specialist that won’t hesitate to tell you the truth of the situation, yet in a very kind and understanding manner with a true focus on education! Love Love Love! We highly recommend her to all of our friends, family, and customers!  – Jessica