Ayurvedic Visits w/ Dr. Blake

First Visit: $297 for 90-120 mins

Follow up visits: $136/hour


The package deals offered below help structure your treatments and increase your savings. The more sessions you buy at a time the less you pay overall.


TriDosha Package

Intake visit + 4 additional 1 hour sessions


The first visit is a traditional Ayurvedic intake and can take up to 2 hours so please plan accordingly.  

This includes a thorough personal, family, medical and social history, the setting of goals and establishment of values, vision and expectations along with traditional tongue and pulse assessment to establish a pre-treatment/baseline measure.  Next at this same visit we’ll build a starter plan including meal plans with recommended beverages, exercises, specific meditations and Ayurvedic botanicals.  You will be asked to document/record/journal your experience in a structured way. It is highly recommended that you participate in these home practices and document your experiences over the course of the work we do together to ensure the maximum benefit of this work and to create a record for yourself of what you have accomplished. The follow up visits are recommended to be 1-3 weeks apart. They will include a check-in with tongue and pulse assessment and then the rest of the time will be dedicated to one of the following services:

Heart-Centered Meditation

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Meditation 

CranioSacral/BioEnergetic and Visceral Manipulation Therapy

Joint Unwinding Through Movement

Ayurvedic Nutritional Counseling

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Two 30 min. phone calls are available to you for checking in and asking clarifying questions and you are welcome to attend any of my Rasayana Yoga Classes.

Vitalistic Package

Intake visit + 6 additional 1 hour sessions


This is the same basic format as the TriDosha Package only you get an additional 2 sessions of the same Ayurvedic services and an additional 2 phone consults (a total of 4 calls .  The check-in part only takes about 10 minutes after the 2nd or 3rd session and the rest is your choice of one 50 minute therapy or two 25 minute therapy sessions.  This also includes 4 phone consults in between sessions.


Ayurvedic Life

A 12 month Comprehensive Lifestyle Package

15 1-hour sessions of any of the above services

Blood work interpretation with follow up Ayurvedic recommendations


  • 4 Individual Hatha Yoga Classes
  • One-time medicinal garden design for your herbal allies
  • 2 EcoTherapy Sessions 
  •  Bi-monthly Constitutional HydroTherapy Sessions 
  • One-time BioEnergetic Balancing of your entire home 
  • Bi-monthly one-on-one guided meditations, bodywork or movement sessions 
  • 2 Ayurvedic cooking lessons – these include a “tour” grocery store where I will help you find food choices that match your Dosha and your budget.

For pricing information, please call our front desk.

Questions? Email or call for a complementary 15 minute visit to see if we are right for you!

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