Drug-Free Pain & Addiction Support Programs

Pain and  addiction are not the fault of the sufferer.  Frontal lobe and Central Nervous System (CNS) dysregulation are the obstructed pathways that lead to these conditions.   Using individualized Physical Medicine and Biofeedback techniques, this package offers a unique approach to pain management and addiction decoding.

When the CNS and frontal lobes are dysregulated, people have trouble making informed decisions about their health.  Using  hands-on techniques in office, these neuropathways are regulated for you.   This teaches the brain, experientially,  to form new pathways and coping mechanisms in the face of stress while under the supervision of a physician.

The other component is Biofeedback training using state of the art technology that monitors your CNS activity and gives you real-time feedback about how you are responding to stress.  Given this information, you can use a different part of your brain, your cerebral cortex, to reason through the stress sensations in the body and see the measured CNS response, allowing you to change your behavior one breath at a time.

Your job is to practice the evidence-based CNS regulatory exercises at home between sessions for 20 minutes twice a day.  

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