Vis Medicatrix Naturae || The Healing Power of Nature


This is the foundation of Naturopathy.  EcoTherapy, also known as Forest Medicine, is the deepening of connections with the self through experiencing the natural world from a therapeutic perspective.

EcoTherapy is a retreat-based intensive healing experience in the natural world.

Across time and cultures, humans have journeyed to he mountains and the shore for healing, growing self-awareness and reconnecting to the world around them.

Mountain retreats are typically offered at or near Hot Springs, NC but this is flexible as per your needs and request.

Activities include but are not limited to:

Mind Body Counseling 

Naturopathic modalities: Phys Med, Hydrotherapy, Biofeedback, Botanical Medicine and along with all their supporting evidence and information.

Barefoot hikes (through reflexology paths, mud, grass, water, dirt and forest floors)

Lots of contrast HydroTherapy opportunities at Hot Springs

Herb walks to learn which “weeds” and plants are medicinal

Guided meditations

Rasayana Yoga and Tai Chi

Ayurvedic meal prep and cooking instruction

camp fires, drum circles and sweat lodges and periodic red tent gatherings are options, too!

Lodging varies by preference and availability.

As a Certified Wheelchair Hatha Yoga Teacher with lots of experience treating patients with MS and Parkinson’s Disease, offering Forest Medicine and Garden Medicine to non-ambulatory people is near and dear to my heart so don’t be deterred!

We eat safe, wild medicinal plants, drink herbal tea and lots of water on these excursions.  We get hot and sweaty before experiencing the cold contrast of fresh flowing water in a systematic way that promotes lymph movement.  This space is for individuals, families and groups to get to know their true self, unobstructed by technology, their familiar, daily routines.

Trips can include tent camping, backpacking, cabin “camping” or car camping.  Please be prepared to provide your own transportation until we get our school bus set up.

Groups, couples, families, teams, co-workers and one-on-one packages are available to be tailor-made.  Strong relationships are made out of tangible experiences and strong leadership.  Leadership opportunity blossoms in the natural world and awakens ambition, intuition and new passion.  No two excursions are alike because they are built out of your needs.

For your safety and as a doctor I maintain my certification in infant, child and adult CPR, AED and First Aid.

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