Physical Medicine

CranioSacral Therapy & Visceral Manipulation:

Does your nervous system need  a re-set?

Come in for a CranioSacral session and have your sympathetic nervous system activity toned down and your parasympathetic nervous system turned up so you can rest, digest and adapt to stress better throughout your day. Got tummy issues, we can add on some Visceral Manipulation and make sure all your internal organs are moving intrinsically and extrinsically and enhance their functioning.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy:

This European therapy uses water-based alternating heating and cooling applications and is North Carolina’s only clinic offering this service! Constitutional Hydrotherapy is a unique German-based application using an e-stim, a machine to gently promote circulation, GI motility and immune function.

*Please note that pace-makers,  metal or electronic implants, pregnancy and malignancy are contraindications to the use of e-stim.

Hot Stone:

Book this super relaxing treatment as a stand-alone appointment for Trigger Point Therapy or ask to have it added to your other phys med visit. With a variety of sizes, these lava stones provide deep, penetrating heat

Body Work:

With roots in CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Trigger Point Therapy, Bowen, Lift, Massage and Reiki, this combo of uniquely integrated modalities offers you an individualized comprehensive patient-centered deep healing experience.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

Gentle manipulation of soft tissues stimulates circulation and mobilizing fluids.  Using underlying structure and physiology of the lymphatic system, this treatment is beneficial for anyone living with edema.

Stand-alone visits 

60 minute sessions $100
90 minute sessions $145

Phys Med Packages:

Four 30 minute sessions $249
Four 60 minutes sessions $378
Four 90 minute sessions $550

Please note that prices reflect cash value. Standard 2.75% card processing fees will be added to all card payments but we’ll remind you and give you a cash option!

Our patients get a discounted gym memberships @ the

Metabolic Effect Fitness Center!

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